Three bathroom style trends you'll love

Follow the style trends in your bathroom can be almost as easy as doing it with your closet. You don't need to do a complete overhaul every year; by changing a few details you can give your wardrobe an totally new and updated environmentwithout works. These are our proposals.

The warmth of wood

It is a trend that has been hitting hard for a few years, and in this 2019 is enshrined beyond furniture and coatings. Create a corner full of warmth with boxes, tubs, towel racks, frames or shelves in natural wood.

The texture and color of wood warms the bathroom in a natural way, dare to look for the contrast with a modern space in metal, glass and stone. Combined with a bathroom with innovative lines, wood brings a rustic air that balances these opposing styles.

Here's a thought: can you imagine the pleasure of stepping out of the shower or bath and resting your feet on a wooden floor? Contrary to popular belief, wood is ideal for the bathroomas it absorbs humidity naturally. You only have to maintain a series of care, such as removing excess water and regular ventilation to prevent deterioration over the years.

Tegler Proposal: Venice Seriescombination of toilet, bidet, washbasin + pedestal.

The elegance of black

Ideal for modern bathrooms, both large and small spaces. In spacious rooms, black brings distinction and sophisticated linesIn small bathrooms, it gives a touch of personality and strength.

Combined with white, it offers a minimalist styleThe result is a relaxing, soothing treatment for the senses, an aesthetic balance with spectacular results.

As we have mentioned with respect to wood, it is not necessary to change all the furniture or tiles, you can achieve that touch of black with specific points in the faucets, fixtures or profiles.

If you prefer to soften the vigorous effect of black, dark gray is a perfect alternativeThe new design: it maintains this modern and sophisticated line, but in a more attenuated form.

Tegler Proposal: Arya faucetsblack single lever faucet with matching drain valve over white washbasin.

Open bathrooms

Below with partitions and partition walls. The light and diaphanous spaces will triumph more than ever in 2019. Break down the barriers that enclose the shower or bath, take them a step further, integrating them into the bedroom, partially or with glass walls, sliding doors or a screen.

An alternative is a base cabinet or a half-height wall or open on the sides, which increases the feeling of open space while preserving privacy.

Betting on the harmonious and practical solutions.
Tegler Proposal: Ibiza bathroom set with cabinet-columncountertop and backlit mirror.






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