Allstone shower trays

There are a number of factors that influence a good bath. The quality of the products, their resistance to humidity, the distribution of the components, the efficiency of their operation and their ergonomics and practicality.

However, we often forget to focus on the extremely important issue of safety. It is for this reason that we would like to introduce you to Allstone shower trays, specifically designed to take care of you and your family during hygiene activities.

Shower trays can make a radical difference in the bathroom. First of all, one of the most important functions of these products is the protection they provide to our floor. Due to their waterproof construction, they prevent water from the shower from running off onto the material that makes up the floor, thus avoiding unnecessary wear and tear.

On the other hand, they have an intelligent structure that transports water to the drain. Thanks to subtle deviations in its level, all the water we use in the shower will be effectively routed to the pipes, avoiding the accumulation of water and possible leaks in the environment.

Of course, the safety offered by these products is undeniable. They have a non-slip surface (Level C3) and are extremely comfortable, which helps prevent any type of accident when showering. In addition, the Allstone brand has different types of colors that favor the distinction and aesthetics of the product.

One of the most recommended by manufacturers are resin shower trays. All of them are made with mineral resin, increasing the safety of its surface and giving an elegant look to our bathroom.

Don't wait any longer to check our catalog and see the great variety of products that Allstone has to offer, we are waiting for you!

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