How to organize all shower products

If you follow TEGLER's blog You will have already read a few articles dedicated to resin showers. Even the last one, in which without talking about ?resin showers? we talked about shower enclosures. Although we missed one for a bathtub, but it's better to have too many than too few?

Well, today we are going to close a circle that will make your shower and your shower experience wonderful. Well, and if not ?wonderful? then comfortable, which is no small thing. Comfortable and practical, and this, at certain ages, is becoming a point to take into account, not only to access the shower safely, but also to be able to get around easily while you are showering.

But the rest of us, those of us who are guided more by aesthetics and functionality than by accessibility or safety, which are never superfluous and should always be taken into account to avoid (never better said) a misstep? and we also include our elders, because what we are about to present to you is equally useful for men and women, for adults and young people? because it is an element that will help you to place and organize all the elements for your daily shower.

Goodbye to putting things on the floor. Goodbye to putting a shelf that, if you don't take care, you'll get a slap in the face in a careless moment. Even goodbye to hanging little metal baskets with suction cups that, at the most inopportune moment, end up on the floor with everything scattered.

Hello to Loft shower organizer.

Soap, gel, shampoo, sponge, moisturizers, rough gloves? brushes, hair masks?

Everything at hand and everything in place.

In such a way that you fit the organizer on the wall and it will fulfill the double practical and aesthetic function. Practical because of what has already been explained: to have everything well placed, everything on its shelf. Aesthetic because order is fundamental to our daily lives. But also, with the different finishes and colors you can customize your shower by combining the shower tray, the shower enclosure and the organizer, an exclusive TEGLER product!

With all this you will give a sense of order and uniformity so that your shower, which will also be non-slip, will become one of the most comforting corners of your home.

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