Without a shower enclosure, your shower does not look good

In previous installments we have talked to you, in depth, about resin shower trays.

We have explained many things to you, and some that we have not yet explained and that we will explain in the near future. Especially in response to some of the questions you are asking us: models, installation, conservation? Some cases have already been answered and others will be answered, give us time.

Today we're changing the subject, but we're not leaving the shower. In fact, today we are going to tell you about and introduce you to some of our shower enclosuresWe also have bathtub models, although we anticipate that there are also bathtub models. As you will see, we are not poorly stocked, hence we are the true reference in the field. Because we give answer, not to your questions, but of course, to your needs.

Many of us have thrown our hands up in the air when, after moving house or after a bathroom renovation, we have wanted to install something as basic as a shower screen. Without a shower screen, your shower will not look good, especially because if you turn on the tap and you don't have a screen, you're not doing well?

Who hasn't had to spend a lot of time measuring the shower base and then have to go from one side to the other looking for the shower enclosure that fits, not just the one you like, but the one that fits! That's why there are times when selecting the shower enclosure becomes a real ordeal.

Shall we rectify?

This happens to those who do not know TEGLER and our shower enclosures.

That's the difference. Our screens are the difference. TEGLER is the difference.

Of course, we have them in bathtubs. But if you take a look at our Web you will see that we also have semicircular, frontal, square, rectangular, fixed and ?walk in? that are so fashionable.

You can buy them online on our website.

And more? We already anticipate that sooner or later we will dedicate another or other articles to showers, or rather to shower enclosures: installations, maintenance? and things that will surely be of interest to you. Let this article serve as a presentation of the subject that, in response to your questions, will be a pleasure to expand by commenting on the models that we have at your disposal.

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