Stainless steel sinks

In our catalog you will find stainless steel sinks of different models gathered in several series. Stainless steel is the most suitable material for sinks due to its resistance, durability, hygiene and ease of cleaning. They are available in polished or matt finishes, both for undermount or flush-mounted installation.

We have a wide range of sinks. In your Tegler Sanity Ware store you can comfortably buy the best kitchen sinks on the market. Pay up to 12 months and receive your purchase at home in the fastest and simplest way.

Buy steel sinks at the best price

There is sinks with one bowl, with two bowls, and with one bowl and one half-bowl. The sink can also have a flat drainer. Therefore, this is the first thing to consider when making a decision, depending on the space available and taking into account whether the kitchen has a dishwasher or not.

For your needs special There are corner sinks with two basins; large sinks for professional kitchens; and round sinks with one or two basins.

Some sinks of design innovative include special drainers in a semi-basin; and others have a sink-type drainer. Some have a built-in faucet or have a hole for the faucet.

As for the placementThe stainless steel sink is always recessed: either flush with the countertop or under the countertop. The latter option is only possible with silestone or natural stone countertops: marble or granite.

The choice of the faucet will depend on the size of the sink and the use to which it will be put. For example, in small sinks, it is better to choose one with a low spout to avoid splashing. Single-lever models are the most suitable; and for double-bowl or double-bowl and half-bowl sinks, a swivel faucet is preferable to two faucets.

Normally the faucet is recessed in the wall, but there are sink models that have a hole for the faucet.

Online sinks catalog

If you are looking for compare sinks online to see which one best suits your style, here you can find different models.

Get your sinks at the best price in the design that best suits your needs. In your Tegler online store you can find the sink you are looking for.

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