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  • LAGUNA single-basin sink - 49×44 cm
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 113,30  VAT included.
  • BELEM single-bowl sink 54×44 cm
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 120,03  VAT included.
  • Industrial sink Box Line 34×40 cm integrated sink
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 280,03  VAT included.
  • Box Line 40×40 cm industrial sink ? 1 bowl
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 288,67  VAT included.
  • DISPENSER of liquid soap 250 for bath or kitchen
    Delivery: 7 working days
    47,06  VAT included.
  • OKIO LINE 78×44 cm Flat 1-bowl sink + drainer
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 69,13  VAT included.
  • OKIO LINE sink 78×44 cm DUO 2 sinks
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 84,49  VAT included.
  • Kitchen sink OKIO LINE 80×50 cm Flat 1 basin + drainer
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 90,27  VAT included.
  • Kitchen sink DUETO 85×44 cm round double bowl - inset
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 88,26  VAT included.
  • Sink SEMI DUETO 85×44 cm with round bowl and drainer
    Delivery: 7 working days
    98,64  VAT included.
  • Sink SEVILLA BB 86×44 cm double square bowl and rounded corners
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 109,47  VAT included.
  • SEVILLA FLAT 86×44 cm sink with bowl + drainer
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 91,22  VAT included.
  • Single lever pull-out mixer LINE MN 1011
    Delivery: 7 working days
    349,52  VAT included.
  • Single-lever kitchen faucet LINE MN 1021
    Delivery: 7 working days
    297,67  VAT included.
  • Matisse single lever faucet - A unique design!
    Delivery: 7 working days
    Desde: 335,12  VAT included.
  • Single lever sink mixer LUNA-Extensible!
    Delivery: 7 working days
    287,11  VAT included.
  • Single lever pull-out mixer LINE MN 808 - Professional!
    Delivery: 7 working days
    259,26  VAT included.
  • Flexible single lever kitchen sink faucet-Flo
    Delivery: 7 working days
    211,25  VAT included.

When you think about how to remodel your home, or simply what your dream home would be, one of the first rooms that comes to mind is the kitchen. Adequate kitchen furniture is necessarybecause it is a place where we spend part of our time every day, and to which we give a lot of use.

But knowing which kitchen furniture to buy is not always easy, because it all depends on the space you have and the type of storage you want, depending on the amount of food, utensils and other objects you want to have on hand.

Your ideal kitchen awaits you at Tegler

While you are thinking about what your ideal kitchen would be like, we offer you a wide range of furniture and products that will help you to create your ideal kitchen. you will have all the combination possibilities you can imagine.

If you do not want to change your entire kitchen, and you only need a specific part, either because it has been damaged, you have become obsolete or simply because you want a new style, you can look in our online catalog of sinks and kitchen furniture to find just what you have in mind.

In addition, you should not forget that the kitchen is not only made up of furniture. It is also important, both for style and for utility, to take care of the small details. Therefore, in our online kitchen furniture store you have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to kitchen faucets. Search, find, buy and have in a very short time the ideal place to cook you've always wanted.

Online store for kitchen furniture and kitchen faucets

Everyone knows that remodeling a kitchen completely is neither easy nor cheap. But this should not worry you anymore, because we always offer you the cheapest options, with the best value for money, so that you can finally afford this kind of products.

We always take care to choose faucets and kitchen furniture of the best quality. Find the cabinet, sink or faucet you are looking for at the best price. The kitchen is one of those places that one never regrets to have changed and improved, because it is enjoyed differently on a daily basis.


Particleboard, class E1, color DESIGN GRAY, melamine coated on both sides of 19 mm. thickelements, elements edged in all their
perimeter in 0.4 mm. unseen parts and 1 mm. in seen part. Melamine back panel 8 mm. thick.


110º opening with 80,000 opening and closing cycles with brake. Brand HettichGerman quality guaranteed.tegler hinged kitchens


Full-extension drawer and brake with load capacity of 30 kg. Melamine base and back. Graphite color. Guides brand HettichGerman quality guaranteed.

tegler kitchens drawers


Depth of 330 mm with 16 mm recessed back, with hidden adjustable hanger (maximum load per hanger 65 kg/unit).

tegler tall unit kitchens


Depth of 580 mm with 50 mm recessed rear. Adjustable thermopolymer leg from 100 to 138 mm.

tegler kitchen base cabinet


tegler kitchens colors and handles

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