Three proposals for celebrating Mother's Day at Tegler

Mothers deserve the best!

For all the breakfasts they prepare for us, for all their care and unconditional love, mothers deserve the best. That's why from Tegler we join the celebration of Mother's Day with three proposals that will make our mothers' lives happier.

A heavenly shower

Turn your bathroom into a spa with the ?inox? shower column with thermostatic mixer.

With its 6 adjustable hydromassage jets, it massages the spine and shoulders, relieving tensioned areas and providing unparalleled moments of relief and relaxation. Let him discover the healing power of water and its relaxing properties with the rain effect with its 22x20cm diameter faucet.
The great advantage of the hydromassage shower compared to the jacuzzi or whirlpool tubs is that it does not require any work for installation. It is mounted in a simple way and in a short time, without affecting the floor of the bathroom. Nor does it need a minimum of space, it is suitable for both large and small rooms, but it is especially suitable for studios or small houses.

Magic mirror

Never has a mirror been more coveted, not even Snow White's.
The round backlit mirror con LED rear lighting will revolutionize your bathroom. It is impossible not to look beautiful in a mirror with innovative lines like this one, which provides perfect lighting for makeup, as it does not produce shadows or reflections.

The mirrors with LED light The light is evenly distributed, generating a perfectly visible and sharp reflection, accompanied by a powerful but diffuse illumination, which gives homogeneous light.
Another major advantage is that LED light is cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than conventional bulbs.

Everything has its place

Complete a dream bathroom with the de luxe Loira modular de luxe series, which includes decorative and functional modular furniture, specially designed to keep order in the bathroom while offering a modern and welcoming line.
The Loire series includes a Solid Surface washbasin for 60 or 80 cm furniture, especially suitable for making the most of small bathrooms.
See in our website all the decorative and functional possibilities that you can give to your home. Don't think it's just a dream, with Tegler they become reality.

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