10 ideas to transform the bathroom without spending a lot of money

The space that is destined to the toilet can be transformed and take the step to become a more pleasant, modern and functional place for very little money.

Property owners or their tenants do not have to settle for an uncomfortable distribution, outdated furniture or an outdated decoration that is not to the aesthetic taste of its current inhabitants. Now, the market offers an infinite number of possibilities for bathroom renovation without having to dig deep into your pocket.

Bathroom designis undergoing a very positive transformation in recent years. This room is no longer conceived as a place of passage, cold and impersonal, to become a place where you want to be. It is now possible to use it as a relaxation room or a mini spa, for example, without having to spend a lot of money.

Here are some of the best ideas to transform your bathroom for very little money.

1. Change the faucet

The simple act of replacing old faucets with newer, more modern ones will renew the overall appearance of the entire facility. the bathroom.

These elements are not expensive and do not require any kind of work, nor will it be necessary for a professional to come because it is very easy to change them and you can do it yourself without complication. In addition, the taps New water-saving systems can be installed, so that the investment will pay off over time.

2. Rope towel racks

Creativity plays an important role in the restructuring and decoration of this space if you want to save money. An example of this is the use of a simple rope as a towel rack.

Measure the distance you want to cover, add a few extra inches so that the rope ends in a decorative knot. Secure the rope before the knot to the wall with a simple bracket, a hardware staple for each side will do. Fasten it to the wall with screws and you're done. A decorative and functional rope towel rack.

3. Give color to the walls

As a general rule, the walls of the bathrooms are white to give greater amplitude to a room that is usually small. It should be known that white is not the only color that achieves this effect, any other light tone as well.

So painting the tiles or directly the wall will be a fun and creative exercise, you just have to consider that this paint is resistant to moisture. Creativity is also allowed here, as you can combine colors and materials to play with different aesthetic results.

4. Decorative vinyl

This is another resource that offers infinite possibilities. There are specialized companies that offer vinyl with the design of your choice, from spectacular images of forests, mountains or beaches that can cover entire walls and give a feeling of spaciousness, to phrases, words or specific objects.

It is even possible to send the desired image or design yourself. This object is very economical and its results leave no one indifferent.

5. Eliminate curtains

If you haven't yet replaced and discarded the old, unsightly, yellowing, mildew-filled plastic curtains, now is the time. The partitions are the ideal solution, there is a wide variety of models that adapt to the characteristics of any bathroom, whether for shower or bathtub, and for really affordable prices. With a screen, the overall appearance of this room will gain in brightness, space and cleanliness.

6. Chests of drawers as shelves

Surely at some point you have thrown away a piece of furniture because it is old or not very aesthetic. However, there are parts that can be recycled giving it a whole new life.

The drawers of this furniture, once varnished and painted so that they look good in the bathroom, can be placed perpendicular to the wall and used as shelves. They look great in two colors, the light frame and the interior of a stronger tone.

7. Pots as spaces to organize everyday objects

Again, the pots in which you have nothing planted can be painted in bright colors that go with the overall decor of this room and use it as a space to place recurring utensils for personal hygiene. Toothbrushes and toothpaste, cotton swabs and cotton balls, scissors, nail clippers and other metal objects, soap?

8. Place more than one mirror

It is usual to have only one mirror in this room, renewing it will mean a substantial change with a minimum cost. The variety of designs and sizes will give another decorative approach to the whole, but if, in addition, you install another full-length mirror or in another wall, you will be giving a feeling of spaciousness and another possibility to see parts of yourself that would not be possible with a single mirror.

Placing more than one mirror is visually very aesthetic and very useful.

9. A ladder as a shelf

Placing a portable wooden ladder on the wall will offer a very creative opportunity to install baskets for neatly arranging towels, toilet paper, washcloths, gels and shampoos? or shelves for pots, dispensers and the above mentioned. useful objects for the bathroom.

10. Replace the bathtub with a shower tray.

It is possible that this transformation is the most expensive of all the tips that are being related in this article, but it is not in excess and especially for the final result it offers. The advantages of this replacement are enormous, starting with the elimination of architectural barriers that can be dangerous to be circumvented by the elderly or people with disabilities. reduced mobility.

It will also produce significant water savings and, therefore, will benefit the family economy. In addition, space will be gained to be used for other options, such as storage or simply to have a larger bathroom. It is possibly the most impactful change that can be made at a lower cost than expected.

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