How to paint a resin shower tray

In the previous article we explained you what steps to take and how to clean a resin shower tray. And we told you very clearly to use, for such cleaningThe use of a sponge if steel so as not to tear or drag or remove all the good properties that make the resin plate special.


Well, today, and in a totally exceptional way, you will have to have at hand, and use, steel wool: but be patient and read this article carefully so that you will not have to regret later a wrong step taken.

Let's start at the beginning:

what do you need to paint the shower tray?

  • Normal sponge
  • Steel wool
  • Fresh water
  • Screwdriver (yes, a real screwdriver)
  • Masking tape
  • Solvent
  • 2 cloth cloths
  • Gloves
  • Special paint for resin
  • Small roller
  • Paint container


With all these materials you will have everything and you will be ready to paint your resin shower tray.

Steps to follow: 

#1. The first thing to do is to clean the dish and dry it as usual: with a soft sponge, water and soap.

#2. You dry it

#3. Use the screwdriver to remove the drainthe cover of the same, of the shower tray

#4. Go to masking tape and cover the hole where the drain cover used to go, as if you were covering the inside of a socket if you were going to paint a wall in your house.

#5. Take the first cloth and dampen it a little in water to clean the plate again: we want to leave it smooth and clean without anything that could get stuck with the paint. Use the same cloth on the dry side to remove all the water.

#6. Retake the masking tape to frame the plate. If it is raised, in relief on the floor then that part frame it from the bathroom floor. The wall should be framed flush with the floor.

#7. Soak the same cloth that you used to clean the floor with a little solvent, and wipe the entire floor again, this will remove any debris that may be on the surface, even if it is imperceptible.

#8. Go to steel wool to polish it.

#9. Prepare the paint, mix it well and put it in the container that you will use to pass the roller.

#10. Paint the entire floor with the roller, thoroughly.

#11. Remove the masking tape and let the paint dry for 24 hours.

#12. Replace the drain grate.


And now you have the resin shower tray painted. Its care and maintenance is the same as always, by cleaning with water, sponge and neutral soap.

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