How to offer better services for home renovations

How to offer better services if you are a renovation company

The companies of reforms must be constantly updating their services, improving them and looking for alternatives to increase their capacity to act.

The renovation companies who focus their work at home more strongly must develop their training and services, as they will spend a certain amount of time invading a family's personal privacy.

Therefore, it is essential that any strategy for the implementation of a reform have as a reference point the own customer. It is therefore necessary to create a commercial space that provides an offer that involves a added valueThe company is becoming more and more complete and competitive every day.

Renovation companies should work in this direction, with useful research and studies that will allow them to know for sure what customers need and how best to adapt to those needs.

It must be understood that according to us, the number 1 point for a service company to get more customers, is to understand the customer and for this we recommend talk to them a lotand documenting this information for later application to your sales pitch.

Let's take an example:

If you are a small reformer who does a lot of bathrooms and kitchens reform (which is very common), then you are interested in understanding the customers' priorities as to whether they...

  • They prefer design over price
  • They are more or less advised by a professional.
  • They prefer standard products for their quick installation or they want something more specific even if they have to wait for its manufacture.
  • They need a company to do everything for them, or they are looking for specialization.
  • Do you have something already seen in terms of bathroom or kitchen design ?
  • How much time do you have as a company to carry out the renovation, according to them

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The following are presented 10 of the most valued services and that, therefore, should be offered to improve the customer-business relationship in a home renovation project.

1. Gaining the customer's trust

According to recent industry studies, 69 % of the customers place trust in the professional as the main reason to carry out your renovation project. In this sense, even if you have not worked with any specialized company, it will be the word of mouth that will determine in whom to entrust the development of the work. The advice and counsel of friends and family will be the ones that will endorse the work of the company.

Although it is essential, in order to 72 % of customersthat the organization present a budget without doubts, quickly, justifying each expense and broken down by items.

To avoid being delayed or having to return the renovation project, something that happens between 30 and 45 % of the time, the company must gain the client's trust.

Flexibility with the customer

Another analysis makes it clear that the majority of those who have to pass a refurbishment work (the 71%) prefer a company that offers solutions and facilitates their transition through this period. These teams will have to overcome daily conflicts, providing solutions to all needsThe company must recognize and understand what the customer's needs are, which are complex and multiple. To solve these problems, the company must recognize and understand what the customer's needs are. Subsequently, it will form lines with them to find possible solutions by adapting and making tasks more flexible.

3. Service support

As already mentioned in the first point, there are many people who trust a professional team because they are recommended by a friend, family member, work colleague? But not everyone places the keys to their home on this recommendation. For many, trust is only earned by demonstrating the quality of the work they have done in their professional career.

In this sense, the company must show with images how the company works. It will have to show the quality of the service through its finishes, the materials used, the finished works? for this it is important to have a web where to show to the public in general and to the client in particular what it is able to do.

Likewise, and as a guarantee for the work performed, the renovation company must have a valid insurance policy, as well as all the permits required to carry out the renovation. This is the best way to cover any possible damage or accident that may occur in the property while the work is being carried out. The client will feel at ease, since he will not have to be responsible for any incident of this type. To emphasize the transparency of the company, it is interesting to leave a written record of the materials used in case of any claim.

4. Post service solutions according to customer needs

Errors, failures, bad finishes usually show their face at the time of completion of the work.

Around 77% of respondents The company states that these poorly executed repairs are part of the general concerns of a refurbishment. Not surprisingly, when they realize that a poorly executed renovation, in addition to the frustration, an expense is added that was not contemplated in the initial budgets.

For this reason, companies that offer a service of correction, support, revision, etc. after the work has been carried out are highly regarded in case of this type of situation. This attitude demonstrates the value of the team's experience and professionalism, elements that are highly valued by users.

5. Proximity and customer contact

Another factor highly valued by the clientele is the proximity that a professional must offer. This proximity refers not so much to the physical treatment as to the ease and speed with which the professional can be located, contacted, talked to and brought their doubts and proposals.

It is especially valued the agility with which the answers are received and that these are clear and concise, with the professional present so that the pertinent question can be explained in detail.

The professionalIn any case, you should offer different ways to contact, either by using a phone number, an instant messaging application (Whatsapp, Telegram?), email or social networks.

6. Improve with criticism

The company and its representatives must not only dedicate time and know how to accept customer complaints, problems and claims. They must also learn from them and correct them quickly. the error, taking the opportunity to show that they have understood the reason for the dissatisfaction and have immediately set to work to solve it.

The company must understand that all these situations will always be an opportunity for improvement.

The company must be able to correctly manage the complaints received, thanks to good communication and advice, doing everything possible to ensure that they are ultimately positive, both for the company and for the customer.

7. Reform planning

The correct planning of the projects to be carried out is essential in any organization. In a renovation project, it is even more so, if possible. In this sense, it is necessary to add that this previous organization must always be in balance with the reality of each situation. 

In addition to an efficient organization, the work must be analyzed as a whole, calibrating the type, materials, dimensions?

On the other hand, it is important for the client to always be aware of possible complications that may arise during the works, so, again, communication is essential.

One of the most valued planning details is to carry out a real estimation of the time of duration of the reform. It will always be very inconvenient and unpleasant if these are prolonged for longer than initially stipulated.

For this reason, it is necessary to be proactive and provide constant information to the customer on the situation of the work at any given moment.

8. Taking care of the work team

Every company dedicated to reforms has a multidisciplinary team that does not necessarily have to be inside the work. It is important for the organization to carry out a good selection of the assets that will be part of the work team, highlighting the search and recruitment of specialized professionals, taking care of the staff always with a business approach focused on the customer.

According to reliable studies, 77 % of the customers will recommend to a company by one of the components of the equipment.

9. Reasonable and balanced price

Undoubtedly, even more so in the times we live in, price is one of the most important factors for the client to accept or not the services of a company. In any case, and although the prices must be accompanied to the social reality that is being lived, it will always have to be defended and justified without hesitation until the last cent.

The quality of the finished work as well as the quality of the materials used or the qualifications of the workers and the guarantees offered will be used to defend it.

In any case, if the price does not adapt to the client's budget, it can be changed, but with the appropriate explanations, applying variations in the project, changing materials, extending the execution time? The conversation with the client, in this sense, is again fundamental, applying seriousness, sincerity and professionalism so that everything is always clear.

10. Comply with the agreement

Finally, it is important to emphasize the importance of keeping one's word. Not all construction or renovation companies end up doing what they said they would do. Something so simple builds customer confidence in such an organization, or destroys it. 82% of the people who contract these services of reforms think this factor is fundamental.

In order not to err in this sense, the offer that the company delivers to the client must be balanced, honest and consistent with the work to be carried out.

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