How to install a resin shower tray

Do you already have your resin shower tray at home?

Are you a handyman and want to install it yourself?

At Tegler we don't doubt your skills. And that's why, just to give you a hand, we give you some guidelines that can help you to do it without forgetting any detail.

Moreover, we have prepared the following guide with all the steps to take. So, get ready and, before you start, confirm that you have the resin shower tray and that you are not missing any tools.

And, above all, that you have removed the bathtub and there remains the hole with the faucet and the drain pipe.

Everything OK?

Here we go:

  1. Remove the first row of tiles to facilitate handling and installation of the plate.
  2. Measure the position of the drain. It seems a no-brainer, but how many headaches it saves in the medium term: you can even make a template, that to taste.
  3. Correct the drain outlet which will be connected to the resin shower tray by means of a valve (remember that previous step in which we told you to check that all the elements and all the tools are there).
  4. Prepare the drain valve and set it aside for its turn.
  5. Unpack the dish very carefully because it is most fragile when it is up in the air and could break if you hit it or drop it: confirm that it is in perfect condition.
  6. Calculate the position of the valve. This is a good time to make a check that we will repeat later: confirm that the drain is working properly. Think that there is still time to make corrections.
  7. Keep in mind that the dish has an unevenness. It is obvious, since this unevenness will make it easier for the water to fall and go down the drain. Measure the height of the valve and prepare some master guides as a cement wall surrounding the contour of both the valve and the drain.
  8. Do not mind taking as much time as necessary to confirm that both valve and guides are aligned and have the same height.
  9. You can already pour the cement and level it carefully.
  10. After confirming the correct leveling, look carefully for cracks and irregularities. If you find them, it will be time to fix them, otherwise you can take a break while you let the cement dry well to prevent it from arching when setting.
  11. Thoroughly clean the cement base.
  12. Place the plate for a final check before installation.
  13. Place the valve.
  14. Re-check the drain again.
  15. You have done the checks. Now disassemble the valve and remove the plate.
  16. Prepare a smooth, level mortar or cement base.
  17. Remember that the dish has its own slope to facilitate drainage.
  18. Moisten the base of the future plate and place the cement/glue: smooth it and remove the excess.
  19. Place the plate.
  20. Now that the cement is still fresh and "malleable", level the plate. For this you can use a rubber hammer to hit firmly but without cracking the plate.
  21. Replace the valve, this time it is final.
  22. Confirm, for your peace of mind, that the drain is working.
  23. Finalize the drain connection by attaching the valve collar with screws.
  24. Place the grid.
  25. Seal the plate with neutral silicone of about 3mm at the joints.
    1. Prepare a solution of cold water with soap to moisten a finger and run it over the same joint where you put the silicone to drag the excess with the fingertip and smooth it.
    2. The soap will help to prevent the silicone from sticking to your finger and so that you can wash it well afterwards.
  26. Replace the tiles that you had removed at the beginning and grout them to seal them to the wall. You can clean it with cold water.
  27. Allow 24 h for drying time

And? believe it or not, you already have your resin shower tray installed and ready to be enjoyed!


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