Five tricks to turn your bathroom into a spa

No matter if the space is large or small, no matter the natural or artificial light: you can take advantage of your bathroom in a prodigious way, and turn it into a spa; a place of relaxation and good vibes, to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Tegler tells you how achieve it with five tricks.

The magic of a mirror

Multiply the feeling of spaciousness with a large mirror. This is especially recommended in small bathrooms, to significantly increase the optical effect of the space.
On the other hand, you will provide much more luminosity without increasing the cost, and you will generate a more pleasant atmosphere.
We recommend mirrors with backlit light that can be regulated to adjust the amount of light that relaxes you the most.
You can also create a sense of spaciousness with mirrors in the cabinets.
Tegler recommends the innovative backlit mirror Magnifying glass with Led

Light and neutral tones

When choosing the bathroom furniture, we recommend light or neutral colors: they will be perfect if the color of the walls is sand, beige, pale pink, blue or light green.
You can also opt for wooden furniture, which always provides a very relaxing rustic style.
The set of Florence countertopThe two-piece, two-piece, straight-lined design is ideal for creating a sense of peace. Available in different shades of oak, cream, white gloss and a combination of oak and white.

The jungle at home

Nature always connects with the most essential part of us, and feeling surrounded by plants turns an urban environment into an orchard. Feel the paradise in your own home with hanging plants, orchids, ferns and even small decorative pots.
Plants, on the other hand, will appreciate the moist and warm environment of the bathroom, you just have to find them a source of light and a variety that is suitable for indoor use.

A decorative touch: vintage, zen or rustic

Choose the style that best suits you: a spa can be sophisticated, but also rustic or retro. Strategically place the decorative elements according to the line you want to follow: wooden or wicker boxes, if you want a more naturalistic and rustic style, decorated glass jars and glasses, if you prefer vintage, or square soap dishes in plain colors, if you prefer minimalist. Don't miss this practical towel dispenser of Tegler.

Shower rod

The time has come to enjoy water as a purifying and relaxing therapy. You don't need to set up a Jacuzzi: a large artichoke is enough to give you the sensation of being under a waterfall.
But you can also enjoy a real spa with shower bars with jets specially adapted for the back, shoulders, neck and neck.
Today, the market offers a wide variety of shower rods with many features, such as the Stainless steel shower column with thermostatic faucet and upper spray head with jets, rain effect 22 x 20 cm, with 6 adjustable hydromassage jets.

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