Comparison of the best online bathroom stores

Comparison of the best online bathroom stores

Until very recently, if you wanted to buy some bathroom furniture it was enough to visit those surfaces that were located near the place of residence, at most two or three department stores in industrial parks or a store in the same city or town.

Today, the possibilities have increased to a number that is impossible to cover. The Internet and the online marketplace have facilitated the presence of a myriad of online stores in the consumer's own home through a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The variety of offers, designs, styles, qualities is enormous and so are the companies that market medical devices. It is almost impossible to determine which are the most beneficial for the consumer, as this is a decision that will depend directly on the object being sought.

In any case, it can be affirmed that there are several houses that, in general terms, meet the requirements of quality, variety and price that the general public has been demanding. These are Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus, Ikea y Tegler.

Differentiate and make a comparative analysis of these four brands specialized in bathroom furniture becomes extremely complicated. In any case, we have tried to establish a brief guide in which a certain bathroom furniture of very similar characteristics is compared and can serve as a reference.

In this way, the reader will be the one to draw his own conclusions. In any case, information of interest is also added for each of these companies specialized in bathrooms in relation to common matters such as payment methods, shipments, returns?

The following is an analysis and comparison of some of the most representative products or bathroom furniture of the different brands.

1. Bathroom furniture at Leroy Merlin

The prestigious furniture brand Leroy Merlin stands out in its presentation of furniture for the bathroom with the bathroom set model Aldayaof the brand Rockwith dimensions of 80x 75 x 75 x 45 cm (width, height and depth), for 289 euros and with free home delivery.

This great bathroom furniture is composed of ceramic sink and mirror with LED light, which is intended for greater energy savings. It has been manufactured entirely in Spain and marketed exclusively by LeroyMerlin.

The quality of its wood is beyond any doubt; in 16 mm thick chipboard with a wonderful glossy white lacquered finish.

The design The rectangular cabinet has 3 drawers with a progressive closing system to avoid knocks and protect the entire structure of the object, thus guaranteeing a long life. Its handles are in the shape of large fingernails and its 4 legs are made of polished aluminum.

To gain space, it is recommended to place suspended furnitureThis furniture is specially prepared for this purpose, although it can also be left on the floor with the included legs. Its installation is very simple, since it is factory assembled.

Only the faucet, valve and drain, which are not included in the kit, will be needed as extra elements. The dimensions of the cabinet are 80 x 74 x 45 cm (width x height x depth).

Buy bathroom furniture at Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin it is advisable to proceed to a registration in order to access possible discounts for accumulation of points. The estimated delivery date is indicated on each product on the web, so they do not offer maximum or minimum in this regard, and will always be in working days.

By entering the shipping address, billing address and selecting the shipping options, the system will automatically display the total calculation of these charges.

The payment methods offered by Leroy Merlin are; debit or credit card, bank transfer (amount from 1000?), 3x4x One financing and with your bank card. If the purchase is made in the physical store; cash, debit or credit card, Leroy Merlin Club card, Alcampo card and the personalized financing service.

We offer 100 calendar days from receipt of the product for online purchases or purchases in the physical store to proceed with the possible return. The refund will be made at the same time of the return.

2. Bathroom furniture at Bauhaus

Comparable to the previous piece of furniture from LeroyMerlin, the store Bauhaus offers something similar, but at a significantly lower price.

The set of bathroom cabinet Celia only costs 199 euros and consists of a set of furniture installation to the floor, with 3 drawers quite wide with chrome handles and legs.

Celia Bauhaus bathroom

The set includes a Basic smooth mirror and the PR ceramic washbasin with a faucet hole and overflow.

Its measurements are 80 x 85 x 45 cm, i.e., somewhat larger than the Leroy Merlin model, but does not include taps or auxiliary cabinet. Likewise, its material is melanin, somewhat inferior in terms of durability and endurance.

In parts, Bauhaus bathroom furniture consists of the mirror Basic Camargue, smooth and polished edge.

It is a very recurrent set as a solution for any room in the home or office, in addition to the bathroom, for its extreme simplicity and ease to be placed. This mirror model is available in various dimensions to adapt to any space and need, its thickness reaches 3/4 mm.

Likewise, the Titan bathroom sinkThe production process of this series is worth mentioning, as the components are baked, melted and vitrified. Its production process deserves to be mentioned, since to manufacture this series, the components are baked until they are melted and vitrified, thus obtaining a product that meets all international standards, guaranteeing its durability and resistance.

This cabinet has an overflow hole and trim. chrome-plated, as well as its corresponding opening for the faucet, greatly facilitating its installation. It should be noted that this washbasin is available in a wide variety of sizes, so that any need would be covered.

Finally, the Celia washbasin cabinet, thanks to its modern design and its large storage capacity with 3 large drawers, manages to stand out, at least in this respect, over the competition in a remarkable way.

This cabinet is made with 19 mm melamine frame and fronts, with handles and 4 beautifully chrome-plated legs.

Buy bathroom furniture at Bauhaus

The purchase of this piece of furniture or any of the designs of this brand is free of charge, 5-year warranty on electrical and motorized appliances and a 100-day return period, both for those purchased online and products purchased in physical stores.

It is supplied assembled, so its installation consists of simply placing it, but the transport is not free and it is not brought up to the house, it is delivered in the street. It can be returned free of charge within a period of up to 100 days after purchase.

Prices per product are in euros, including VAT and do not include shipping and handlingassembly or installation. Shipping costs are charged separately for delivery. In the BAUHAUS online store payment by PayPal, credit card or debit card is possible. Payment by credit card includes Euro / Mastercard and Visa.

The customer will have a period of twenty-four (24) hours (business day) to cancel the order at no cost. An exchange or return guarantee is offered, at any BAUHAUS Spain center, during the 100 days following the purchase, upon presentation of the invoice and packaging in good condition.

3. Bathroom furniture in Ikea

The variety of bathroom furniture and prices is higher The choice, therefore, of those that are similar to the ones mentioned above becomes more complicated. The one finally chosen because it has similar characteristics is the one bearing the name of Godmorgon / Odensvik bathroom furniture.

With slightly larger dimensions; 83x49x64 cm, it is a very attractive solution with a very attractive finish, in dark wood with ash effect in brown stain. Its two drawers are spacious and the faucet, which is included in the kit, is energy-saving. Its price is 274 euros.

The bathroom furniture Godmorgon / OdensvikThe dark wood with visible grain provides presence, warmth and texture, combining very well with other types of furniture.

The materials used for the frame/back rail and the drawer front are particle board, foil and plastic edge. The sides of the drawer and the back of the door are made of solid birch and colorless acrylic varnish.

The drawer bottom is also composed of a particle board, a melamine veneer and the plastic rim.

The washbasin consists of a large basin made mainly of ceramic, colored glaze and the siphon/tray is made of polypropylene plastic. In this case, it is the legs that are not sold with the furniture set.

Buy bathroom furniture at Ikea

Ikea furniture usually has a 10-year warrantyThis is one of the advantages most appreciated by the public. Orders are received at home within 2 to 4 working days, although the maximum packaging dimensions must be taken into account (78.5cm x 55cm x 39cm, maximum weight 25 kg).

All information on measurements is located within each product page. In any case, those items for which optimal delivery conditions cannot be guaranteed are excluded.

As for returns, several categories are specified, although they offer 365 days to make them. When the item is unpacked, they refund the amount in the same payment method.

If it is unused, even if unpacked or assembled, they assess the conditions and will be able to refund the amount on a return card. Finally, if the item was purchased at Circular HUB, the amount will be refunded on a return card.

The online payment methods are credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard), American Express, Paypal and Ikea Visa (payment in installments).

4. Bathroom furniture at Tegler

Indeed, for the experts who carried out this comparison, the bathroom furniture that should occupy the first position are those offered by this Spanish company. This company has been dedicated since 2010 to the design, manufacture, production and marketing of sanitary products for the bathroom.

A company that has undergone an international expansion in recent years that has positioned it as a reference in this sector.

To exemplify their good workmanship and to be used for comparison, furniture with similar characteristics has been chosen for the four brands.

In the case of TeglerThe following set of Ribera 2 bathroom cabinetmade with pieces in oak, ash or glossy white, with a price of 276.85 euros that this company allows you to pay in easy installments, at 28.7 euros per month in 12 installments.

This great piece of furniture includes three large drawers and ceramic top. The finish is available in oak, ash and glossy white.

The furniture is available in different sizes to choose fromThe width of the faucet is 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm and 100 cm, the height is 82 cm and the depth is 4 cm. Tegler does not include the faucet in the assembly kit.

The secret of this and other Tegler bathroom furniture is the stupendous quality of its furniture, most of which is of European origin, at unbeatable prices. On the other hand, the efficient management of human, productive and financial resources has driven this company to consolidate its position as a leader in the furniture industry. the leading chain in the sectorThe company has quickly become a benchmark for all types of solutions in bathroom spaces.

Buy bathroom furniture at Tegler

To purchase this bathroom furniture or any other Tegler product, there are three digital sales channels available; web page www.tegler.esby phone, through the "shopping cart", or by calling the customer service telephone number: 968 18 55 09 and by e-mail: info@tegler.es.

The customer may freely choose to pay for purchases by credit card or bank transfer. It is established 7 working days to deliver the order to the customer.

Shipping costs that appear on the website at the time of ordering are fully free of charge, except for the Balearic Islands which will have a fixed cost of 40? (taxes included).

The customer has a period of 15 days from receipt of the order to return the purchased product if desired. In the event that a product other than the one requested by the customer is delivered by mistake, it will be withdrawn and the correct product will be delivered. free of charge additional for the buyer.

Tegler is a brand with a great track record in bathroom furniture, and thank you.

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