Decoration ideas for small bathrooms with shower

The vast majority of the Spanish population has to make do with small-sized bathrooms. However, this does not have to mean having a cold, cluttered or unaesthetic space. There are endless possibilities, resources and great decorating ideas that will allow you to obtain an attractive and stylish bathroom. small bathroombut very attractive and cozy.

In principle and, as a fundamental rule, any room intended for personal hygiene that is considered small should have a shower plate and not a bathtub. This is the first logical step to optimize this room and find an aesthetic according to the taste of their owners, but also useful and efficient to perform the usual tasks in these places.

Extra flat shower tray 80 x 90 cm cement gray

Once the bathtub has been replaced by a shower plateyou can start looking for original ideas for decorating the bathroom. Here are some nice, interesting and pleasant proposals for decoration.

Basic and general rules for small bathrooms

As already mentioned, the replacement of the bathtub with a custom-made shower tray is essential. It should have a shower screen and not the dirty and annoying shower curtains. In this way, you will also get a great decorative support for your bathtub. specific vinyls for the bathroom. With these vinyls, in a very economical way, you will add to the bathroom a more modern look, allowing a shower decorated in the line chosen for the whole room, as the variety of designs is enormous.

Similarly, it is advisable that the colors used for the furniture and walls are always in light tones to make it appear more spacious. As for the furnitureThe use of vintage mirrors, recycled furniture, adapted pallets and well distributed plants are elements that always look good and add a touch of personality. The use of vintage mirrors, recycled furniture, adapted pallets and well distributed plants are elements that always look good and add a touch of personality.

Examples of perfect elements and accessories for small, elegant and optimized washrooms

Now, let's go with some beautiful representations of well compacted toilet rooms.

1. Toilet Wall Optimization

The image shows a front perspective of a piece of furniture specially designed to frame the toilet and optimize a space that usually remains empty or with occasional shelves.

This custom-made piece of furniture, in addition to having lower drawer units and upper cabinets for towels and toiletries, it also offers shelves without doors for decorative elements. In these spaces, scented candles, family photographs, and other objects with an aesthetic purpose, will bring a new perspective on the whole room, filling it with elegance and functionality.

2. Adaptation of the space in the shower tray area.

In this other example you can see how in those cases where there is part of a wall with the function of delimiting the area of the shower plate, it is also possible to get an extra utility. Opening in its central part, it is possible to place a couple of shelves to organize the products that are usually used for the time of the toilet. ShampoosThe soap, gels, hair conditioners, etc. will always have an exclusive place so that they remain tidy and quickly located. There is a detail on the load-bearing wall, exclusively for the bar of soap.

3. Black and white contrast

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, light tones, mainly white, ivory and pastel, are the most flattering in small bathrooms. Playing with shades of black, ebony, slate? brings notes of decorative excellence, of the purest elegance and good taste.

In the example of the image, the decorator has taken into account the areas destined to the dark, delimiting it in a superb way in fine lines in imitation of a window and isolated punctual elements, together with the approach of the support surfaces, such as the floor of the shower area or the plate where the washbasin is placed.

4. A cube in the bathroom, modern art at home.

The structure that can be seen in this other image can be representative of a modern art exhibition, a transparent cube with a seat to enjoy a spa shower, relaxed and comfortable. In this design, the author plays with classical echoes in his creation, using a marble piece to sit on and a beautifully crafted floor.

The exposed brick and white walls contribute even more to the timeless look of Roman baths and modern relaxation rooms. The use of black is also a great aesthetic resource, although, in this case, it is somewhat more subtle. It offers two types of showers and a hole in the wall to complete the comfort it promises to its users.

Ceramic tiles, colorful in the washroom

Finally, to include this small list of decorative (and functional) elements for shower rooms of small proportions, an idea that will give life and joy wherever it is installed. It is a choice of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles in colors reminiscent of the sea, blue waters or sea green in combination with yellows, whites, terracotta or raw woods for furniture and other decorative elements.

A creative formula based on a multicolored game that, although it is not aimed at functionality, it will have a conciliatory effect with life every morning and every time this room is used. It is a design to enjoy the time spent in this space and leave with a smile, full of positivity.

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