How to get the most out of your small bathroom

Having a small bathroom is not a handicap, but an opportunity to have a cozy corner of the house, cozy and full of possibilities. At Tegler we are specialists in making the best use of all spaces, and we love to propose solutions for the challenge of a small bathroom.

These are our tips:

Shower better than bath

Many people mistakenly think that the bathtub is synonymous with luxury and well-being.

Nothing could be further from the truth: there is nothing more relaxing and elegant than a glass partition from the ground with a Allstone shower trayThe resin base, available in a wide variety of colors, is extremely pleasant to the touch and very decorative.

The shower is a much more functional option than the bathtub and will generate a feeling of spaciousness, cleanliness and light. It also favors the optimal use of small spaces.

Towel rail radiator

Replace the old radiator in your bathroom with a new one. towel rail radiatorand in the same space you will have gained two functionalities in one. You can find many sizes and designs that can be adapted to columns, small walls, corners or even curved areas. And what's more, you'll always have a warm towel handy when you get out of the shower!

Decorative ideas

Nowadays, wall decals offer wonderful possibilities to dress up your bathroom: from refreshing pictures of a jungle for a whole wall to imitation tiles, stone or rustic walls.
If you prefer small details, we recommend a small painting, or a picture that matches the colors of the walls or the bathroom fixtures.
Plants offer the zen side, a point of relaxation and wellness that you need.


It is essential, especially in small bathrooms. If there is natural light, it multiplies its effect with sets of mirrorsIt will give warmth to the room and you will save on your electricity bill. Do not cover the windows with curtains or opaque glass.
For the washing area or vanity you will need independent light; adjustable sconces provide a modern style and are very practical. The lamps halogen are ideal for this area and will reduce electricity consumption. We also suggest ceiling lamps for the washbasin or for a cornercombined at different heights.
If you do not have a lot of natural light, the white, cream or light gray on the walls and complements help to give luminosity and amplitude.

Less is more

This fashion maxim is especially applicable to decorating a mini bathroom. Do not overload it with accessories and toilets that hinder mobility and are also not necessary, such as a bidet.
Betting on reduced color palettes and minimalismIt is the small, isolated details that count.

Floating furniture

The floating or suspended bathroom furniture for the washbasin have a great advantage: they create free space. By leaving more of the floor in view, a greater sense of spaciousness is created.
See all the possibilities we offer you in Tegler:


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