Basic differences between shower enclosures

At the time of classifying the partitions shower enclosures, there are two main factors that we should pay attention to. The first of them has to do with the material that makes up the product, while in second place we find the type of operation it has in its doors.

The materials commonly used in the manufacture of partitions shower enclosures are glass and acrylic. The former are made with securized glass, whose main characteristic is that, in case of breakage, it remains adhered to the structure. One of the great advantages of glass shower enclosures is that they are much easier to clean and maintain in perfect condition. And another important feature to highlight is their high durability and quality.

On the side of the partitions acrylic, it can be argued that they are much safer because of their resistance to shocks. This firmness in their composition gives them a longer service life. In contrast to this, acrylic screens do not have as much aesthetic value as the others.


Functional shower enclosures:

Moving on to the door operation, the doors are partitions Shower doors are classified into three types depending on the type of opening they have. The sliding door is the most traditional and is usually present in a large number of bathrooms. It is extremely versatile and its operation is quite simple.

In second place we can find the folding type doors. Together with the sliding door are the most space-saving inside the bathroom, since its mechanism performs the folding mechanism into the shower. In addition, they are extremely comfortable, since their closure ensures that not a single drop of water escapes to the outside.

Finally we find the hinged doors. This type of mechanism requires that the space inside the bathroom is larger, since they open outwards.

Now that you know what are the main differences between the partitions just browse our catalog and choose the one that best suits your needs, do it now!


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